Change the day of the person with disabilities / everyday of ALL people



December 9th is national day of the disabled person, in Portugal; December 3th was the international day of people with disabilities.

I propose that every day be of all people with their abilities, qualities and their difficulties. I propose that there be activities involving students with and without disabilities, monthly.


  • Students will develop communication and sharing skills;
  • Students may use alternative communication systems
  • Students will contact other languages, cultures, skills and difficulties
  • Students can show their skills in group work in the areas of art, physical education, reading, writing and functional skills


  • Is intended to streamline a public TwinSpace
  • Make multiple contacts, at least one monthly publication in the padlet
  • Divulgate and dissolve the good practices that are exchanged between partners, in eTwinning, in the face of their schools, by email, in the local press …
  • The use of technologies and padlet can be interesting and use traditional mail